About the Author

James McCarty (better known to his friends as “Mac”) is a practicing antitrust attorney. The Vatican Conspiracies is his first work of fiction. Mr. McCarty is a former Catholic, and was educated in Catholic schools from first grade through college. He has long been interested in the teachings, traditions, history, ceremonies and artwork of the Catholic Church – as well as its politics. In his first novel, he weaves all of these interests into a plot as intricate as it is compelling.

In The Vatican Conspiracies, Mr. McCarty also writes about his legal specialty. He has practiced antitrust law for thirty-five years. He began his legal career with the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, D.C. After leaving government service, he was the head of the Antitrust Group of the former “Baby Bell,” US WEST Communications. He next entered private practice, and worked at Sherman & Howard, LLC, Denver’s oldest law firm. Since 1995, Mr. McCarty has headed his own antitrust consulting legal practice, The Law Office of James E. McCarty. (See www.McCartyLawOffice.com.)

Mr. McCarty, sixty-one, resides in Broomfield, Colorado (just outside Denver), with his lady love, Wendy Anderson. Ms. Anderson also played a key role in creating this work of fiction.