The Characters

The Vatican Conspiracies tells the story of the humans struggling to cope with the pressures and passions at the top of the Catholic Church, including:
Brendan Connolly: The devout American cleric and Vatican diplomat, who struggles to confront the deeds of evil nations

Lorenzo Gianzerra: The jovial cardinal whose passion, the Vatican’s great artwork, is decaying before his eyes

Alberto Salieri: The scheming cardinal whose ambitions lead him to consider some remarkable possibilities

Donna Carrington: The expert consultant whose team is hired to help save the Vatican from disaster

Iglasio Velasquez: The cleric-financial wizard who shares a secret with two friends that could destroy them all 

Sylvia Maglione: The news reporter who suspects something may be rotten in the Vatican
Sister Marisol Adelita: The nun whose hidden and forbidden love collides with her Vatican duties

Mathieu DeClercq: The new Pope whose plans for major reforms in his Church are opposed by many in the Roman Curia

Robert Jordan: The priest-lawyer whose thankless job is to defend the Vatican in the child molestation lawsuits

Paulo Fiore: The devious chief of staff to a powerful and ambitious cardinal, a man for whom power and intrigue are irresistible drugs

David Grawe: The outside counsel defending the Vatican in the child molestation lawsuits who discovers a chilling secret about someone in the Vatican

Kent Shaughnessy: The Catholic American lawyer who contemplates a lawsuit that could destroy the Vatican